WDF Institutional Database Software Delivery

today on 07/19/2021 access to the institutional database is officially given to the IKL of India, which will carry out the insertion of canine subjects within it for the conservation and managed selection of its Pedigrees.

the acronym "WDF.IND" is officially recognized which will accompany the identification code of the pedigrees issued by the Indian IKL canine association.

We remind you that this software is the future of world cynology as it autonomously manages all the national breeding selection through complex algorithms and artificial intelligence, through in-depth study we have been able to put on a program that will deposit not only the genealogies but its results. , deposits and events, such as championships, patents, controls and our spearhead, the codified Biological Sample Deposit (DNA).

let's get lucky at the club and wish all Indian breeders of ethical conscience to join IKL to enjoy the new dog technology of the future.

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