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Right from the start, the Kennel Club adherent to the initiative of the aforementioned project undertakes to inform its breeders of the New World guidelines for the resolution of genetic traits in a definitive way.
In a gradual manner, the points listed below will be included in the national reproductive regulations, so that within a few years there is uniformity in the selection and control of world WDF breeding, so these are the guidelines from Insert:

1) The very first step is the deposit of the Biological sample (DNA) at a national laboratory structure chosen by you, this is the very first step to put an end to the countless irregularities that systematically occur in the declaration of Litters, and finally you can have a real written and documented demonstration of the real bloodlines.
For sample sampling, you can proceed with your veterinarians with blood, vetcard or salivary swab samples.
The collection and storage of DNA will be mandatory for all those who close the championships, all the subjects in recognition of race and inscriptions to the book of first origin, to all subjects who intend to go to reproduction, and to all subjects Born to the Breeders, puppies within 60 days of life before being surrendered.
For the official validity of the DNA deposit the subject must be microchipped and registered at the facilities of competence.

2) The second step to be entered in the kennel Club's breeding regulations is controlled reproduction, in fact all breeders wishing to go to play will have to check and test their subjects for:
Medium size Large, hip and elbow dysplasia, oculopathies, hearing problems, electrocardiogram, general visit and for subjects of exotic skin control.
Small size, patella distortion examination, oculopathies, hearing problems, electrocardiogram, general visit and for subjects of exotic skin control.
All the subjects will have to reproduce the dental paper.
Will come from the club assigned three results to the tests, which will be defined by the club's scientific veterinary team, and thus subdivided:

AR1 = for perfectly healthy subjects with zero issues that will go into the selected reproduction to give the best of the national breeding.

AR2 = for healthy subjects but where there are very slight anomalies, tolerable for reproduction, which can only be reproduced if coupled with AR1 subjects to eliminate any minor anomalies.

NFB = for the subjects to whom the reproduction will be blocked because there are communicable pathologies and serious morphological anomalies, these subjects will be able to go through the various championships but never can be used for reproduction.

3) All persons born from this selection will be applied to the Pedigree certificate of the WDF project, in order to be recognized as subjects tested and selected.
The 5th genealogy selected in this method, will be recognized the certificate of the subject of very pure selection and high suitability, which will be distinguished in the world for its very high quality of farming.

At a time when we would have achieved this result we could safely talk about healthy reproduction, but this will only be the beginning of a new cynical era, because, in contemporaneousness we must work to safeguard the character of the dog, making Test on the character of the dog before the reproduction, test of the good citizen, to verify the attitudes and psychic equilibrium. Then inside the Dog Show organized with tests also characteristic, for the evaluation of the binomial and the extreme aggressiveness of the subject.