Become part of the new World Kinology

The WDF is a Federation founded in 2017 to bring the health project of the canine breed to the world, a very ambitious mission that intends to bring a variant of the breeder's working method to the world dog scene, defined precisely as the World Federation of Canine Sciences. founded by the Expert Cynologist Mr. Ciro Boiano who is currently the President of the WDF, after years of studying dog breeds and their latent pathologies, he decided to create an apolitical system with noble ethical principles that if followed to the end will lead to the resolution of genetic defects that all of you are familiar with.
In fact today in many national canine organizations and associations of different countries have put into practice the WDF directives for the genetic protection of the world heritage of dog breeds, bringing great results in the advanced selection of healthy and balanced subjects, many over time have devoted more attention to beauty of the show dog, perhaps forgetting the ethical principles in selecting the breeds for their functionality and use, rejecting other factors such as new colors or coats for often political reasons.
But WDF is different and focuses its attention and commitment by putting health and longevity selection first, following the path of the past with current technology.
There are many states that need to be involved in the project, and the work is hard and arduous, but with very good intentions.
So far, the qualities needed to be part of it are:
effective birth control;
Storage of biological samples, DNA;
Control of hereditary diseases before the reproduction of the subjects;
Patents approved for character tests to be conducted for all breeds.
Selection of breeding and professionalization of breeders through training courses that will make breeding in all professional sectors.
Technical tests for working and hunting breeds, such as morphological aptitude tests.
So the unique objectives of the states that want to join the project are the control, selection and improvement of the races, under a unique genetic profile.